Omnicron VLR-1 Professional Voice Logging Recorder - New

Omnicron VLR-1 Professional Voice Logging Recorder - New
Omnicron VLR-1 Professional Voice Logging Recorder - New

  • MFR:Omnicron
  • MFR Part #:VLR-1
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Omnicron VLR-4 Professional Voice Logging Recorder - eEw

OMNICRON "VLR" recorders are professional analog voice loggers designed to provide you with complete documentation of your important telephone conversations, two-way radio messages, or dictation. They have special features which allow virtually unlimited use in a wide range of applications, with top performance and minimal maintenance. Built-in voice activation circuitry expands the recording time by automatically stopping the recorder between conversations. Model VLR-1 runs at the standard cassette speed allowing you to record and playback tapes which are compatible with recorders that do not have slow speed capability.

Product Description: 

  • Omnicron VLR Recorders are Professional Analog Voice Loggers, which provide Complete Documentation of Important Telephone Conversations, Two-Way Radio Messages, or Dictation.
  • Designed for Continuous Dispatch Use.
  • Built-In Voice Activated Recording (Adjustable Record Level, Activate-Sensitivity, and Turn-Off Delay).
  • Monitor While Recording (Listen to conversations while they are being recorded, through the built-in speaker, through either of the two 1/4" headphone jacks, or through the 1/4" external speaker jack(8 Ohm).
  • Cue and Review (Rapidly Find/Repeat Recorded Messages.
  • Automatic Record Level Control.
  • Automatic End-of-Tape Shut-Off.
  • Standard Compact Audio Cassette.
  • Automatic Battery Charging (Optional Rechargeable Batteries, Unit Automatically Switches to Battery Power if External AC power is lost).
  • Monitor & Alarm ON/OFF Switches.
  • Input/Output Jacks (Auxiliary Audio Input, Microphone, Remote Record ON/OFF, Remote Speaker, Two Headphone Jacks, and Talking Time Clock(CT option only).
  • Rotary Volume/Tone Controls.
  • Digital Tape Position Counter with Reset.
  • Easy Installation with/without Electrical Connection.
  • Compatible with ALL of Omnicron Products.

Power: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 10 watts, six "C" cell batteries, or optional battery pack (RBC-6)
Size: 7-3/4"L x 11-1/2"W x 2-3/4"H, 4-1/2 lbs.
Inputs: Microphone - 2 k ohms -70dB, Auxiliary - 200 k ohms -20 dB, Clock - 600 ohms -10 dB
Audio Output: 1 Watt
Signal to Noise Ratio: (A-weighted): VLR-1 = 50 dB, VLR-4 = 42 dB, VLR-8 = 34 dB
Tape Speed: VLR-1 = 1-7/8 I.P.S., VLR-4 = 15/32 I.P.S., VLR-8 = 15/64 I.P.S.
Frequency Response: VLR-1 = 125 Hz to 10 kHz, VLR-4 = 125 Hz to 6 kHz, VLR-8 = 125 Hz to 3 kHz
Record System: Half Track (1/4 track with "CT" option), AC bias
Erase System: AC
Maximum Recording Time: VLR-1 = 1 hour per side (MLC-120) at 1-7/8 I.P.S.

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