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  1. What does it mean to be a affiliate?
  2. When will I be paid?
  3. How do I sign up?

What does it mean to be a affiliate?

The affiliate program is free and gives you the tools to sell ALL products to visitor on your site and MAKE 5% commission! By placing banners and links on your site, you receive a commission on every item sold to users who buy products as a result of clicking on the link that you've placed on your site.

  • Virtually any site, large or small, can join.
  • uses the finest affiliate tracking software available.
  • Participate for free... It's fast and simple.
  • Use the official ECS logos in many choices of sizes and medias. Get the logos and banners here

When will I be paid?

Once a purchase is made you get credit for the sale. Our Affiliate software program keeps track of all the purchases made by visitors clicking on your affiliate link from  your site. The running total of your earned commissions are tracked.  On a monthly basis, as long as your commissions accrue to $50 or more you will receive a commission check from to be mailed by the end of the following month. If within a given month your commissions are less than $50, we'll simply keep adding your totals until you make $50.

Signing up for the Affiliate Program is FREE!

Start making money today and click on the link below to sign up.

* On self made purchases, you are entitled to the same commission as any of the customers whom you refer as long as the following condition is met:

  1. You have placed our link / banner on your website(s)


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