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Dictaphone 0421 C-Phone Digital Dictation Station, Bare - New

Phone Price: $1,200.00 Internet Price: $1,099.00


Product Description

Dictaphone 0421 C-Phone Digital Dictation Station features specially designed telephone-style handset, 21 single-touch programmable keys, LCD display in a full function telephone.

The Dictaphone Connexions C-Phone has advanced PBX like features for both single and multi-line telephones.

The Connexions telephone is intelligent. The telephone display screen tells you the time and date, the telephone number you are dialing, the length of your call and directory information. Prompts on the screen assist you in setting up your directory and in programming keys to provide single-key access to a variety of special features. The Connexions telephone is also expandable. It can be used with any Dictaphone central system recorder for dictation or transcription. The Dictaphone digital transcribe station has features such as 21 single-touch programmable keys and LCD display in a full function telephone.

The Connexions Dictate Station offers one-touch dictation access to a variety of Dictaphone central systems, including the Enterprise Express and the StraightTalk NE dictation/report management system.

Also Known As
0000420-DPS, 0000421-DPS, 0000422-DPS, 0000425-DPS, 0420-DPS, 0421-DPS, 0422-DPS, 0425-DPS, 0420, 0421, 0422, 0425, Connexions Station or CPhone.
Compatible With
Dictaphone TransNet, StraightTalk NE, StraightTalk, Digital Express, Enterprise Express, VDI, Digital Voice, DVI, ect.
Specially Designed Telephone-Style Handset
Offers complete control of record, playback, and rewind functions all with a touch of your thumb.
External Speaker
Provides clear, precise, playback.

    Programmable Keys

Provides 21 single-touch assess to system features and other functions. Keys can be programmed to input demographics, such as author ID, department, work type etc., or macros can be created for enhanced functionality.
LCD Display
Large visual window with corresponding keys to display a variety of functions. Additionally, the display provides visual feedback to confirm key entries.
Industry Standard Telecom Protocol
Uses (DTMF) so that stations can be direct wired Dictaphone dictation systems or connected via RJ11C telephone line.
Full-Function Telephone
Featuring a 100 name/number directory, speaker phone, speed dialing and many other capabilities.

Dictaphone CPhone 0421 includes:
Proprietary Phone Cord, Power Supply and Manual.

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