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Dictaphone 5220 Walkabout Digital Portable Recorder

Phone Price: $59.00 Internet Price: $49.00


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Dictaphone m5220 Walkabout Digital Portable Voice Recorder Bare Unit - Pre-Owned

The Dictaphone 5220 Walkabout digital portable voice recorder offers the mobility and flexibility to record anytime, anywhere and then easily transfer compressed voice files over the Internet or Network folder for transcription.

  • Provides authors with easy “drag & drop” transfer of voice files to your PC or laptop, flexible desktop voice file management, and effortless e-mail/network voice file delivery for transcription and review (requires network connectivity and/or standard MAPI compliant e-mail system - MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, etc.).
  • DSS (Digital Speech Standard) compression technology lets you upload voice files to any PC or Laptop in seconds, using the supplied USB-cable. Small voice files also assure rapid e-mail transfer, while not taking up a lot of PC storage space.


  • Crystal LCD screen with blue back-light display indicates free memory, dictation name, current position, length of dictation, and total elapsed time
  • Auto-Download: Auto Detection of unit, Auto-download of files, and Auto-Send of files to a PC or Network Folder
  • Voice Activated Recording, Fast Playback, Dictate/Conference mode, and PC Microphone mode
  • DSS File Format (Digital Speech Standard): high-compression, high-quality voice file format that is a fraction of the size of a wav-file. Downloads files to a PC using USB interface.
  • Portable holds 3 Folders, 2 Priorities, 10 Work Types, 10 Work Groups, 10 Typists, 1 Reference Number, and 16 Indexing/Infos.
  • Send voice files via email, save/export to folder on network, and convert from DSS to various wave formats.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 9 (DNS) Speech Recognition Compatible
  • Telephone Record Capabilities  - not included (Part #878857)
  • Standard US Dictaphone slide thumb control for record, stop, play and rewind
  • NUSB Docking Station for direct connection to PC and will charge batteries
  • Walkabout 3.0 Transfer Software 


Pre-Owned Bare Walkabout m5220 Digital Hand Held Recorder Includes:
  • Unit only with 32MB onboard memory


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60 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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