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Dictaphone 5220 Walkabout Hands Free Digital Portable Recorder - New m5220

Phone Price: $639.00 Internet Price: $599.00


Product Description

Dictaphone m5220 Walkabout Hands Free Digital Portable Voice Recorder - New

The Dictaphone m5220 Hands Free Kit is a great solution for Pathology or any other application requiring hands free..

  • The Dictaphone m5220 multi-function cradle recharges the Ni-MH batteries, allows hands-free recording, and provides easy uploading/downloading of data to your PC.
  • Provides authors with easy “drag & drop” transfer of voice files to your PC or laptop, flexible desktop voice file management, and effortless e-mail/network voice file delivery for transcription and review (requires network connectivity and/or standard MAPI compliant e-mail system - MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, etc.).
  • DSS (Digital Speech Standard) compression technology lets you upload voice files to any PC or Laptop in seconds, using the supplied USB-cable. Small voice files also assure rapid e-mail transfer, while not taking up a lot of PC storage space.


  • Crystal LCD screen with blue back-light display indicates free memory, dictation name, current position, length of dictation, and total elapsed time
  • Auto-Download: Auto Detection of unit, Auto-download of files, and Auto-Send of files to a PC or Network Folder
  • Voice Activated Recording, Fast Playback, Dictate/Conference mode, and PC Microphone mode
  • DSS File Format (Digital Speech Standard): high-compression, high-quality voice file format that is a fraction of the size of a wav-file. Downloads files to a PC using USB interface.
  • Portable holds 3 Folders, 2 Priorities, 10 Work Types, 10 Work Groups, 10 Typists, 1 Reference Number, and 16 Indexing/Infos.
  • Send voice files via email, save/export to folder on network, and convert from DSS to various wave formats.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 9 (DNS) Speech Recognition Compatible
  • Telephone Record Capabilities  - not included (Part #878857)
  • Standard US Dictaphone slide thumb control for record, stop, play and rewind
  • NUSB Docking Station for direct connection to PC and will charge batteries
  • Walkabout 3.0 Transfer Software 


New in box Dictaphone Walkabout m5220 Digital Hand Held Recorder includes:


  • 32MB onboard memory
  • 176838 Gooseneck Microphone
  • 502728 Foot Pedal
  • Docking station
  • AC Adapter / Charger
  • Rechargeable AA NiMh Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Walkabout Transfer Software
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Manual

Warranty Information

1 Year Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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