Dictaphone 7120-B1 Digital Dictation StraightTalk System, Bare Unit - Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned Model 7120 Dictaphone Straight Talk Digital Dictation System. Dictaphone's Straight Talk system brings the efficiency and power of digital voice storage to an affordable desktop voice processing system.  The sound quality of digital recording is also a distinct advantage. Clarity of digital voice recording improves accuracy and speeds transcription.

  • Deliver your voice instantly and automatically.
  • User friendly system.
  • Locate specific dictation instantly, no searching, no rewinding and no delays.
  • Get an instant overview of the voice processing workload including number and length of jobs, author and work type.
  • Plugs directly into a standard RJ11 phone line.

Dictaphone 7120 Dictation System features

  • 1 ports dictate
  • 1 port transcribe 
  • 106 minutes of dictation
  • Works perfectly.

Dictaphone 7120-B1 StraightTalk Includes:

  • Unit Only

60 Day Mail In Parts/Labor

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