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Dictaphone Walkabout Write OAK5210-001 Transcription Kit for 5210 5215 and 5220 - Pre-Owned

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Product Description

Dictaphone Walkabout Write Transcription Kit for m5210, m5215 and m5220 - Pre-Owned



Certified Pre-Owned Model Dictaphone Walkabout Write OAK5210-001 combines desktop voice file management software with an integrated PC-connected transcription module, ergonomic headset, and playback foot control.

Dictaphone Walkabout Write OAK5210-001 is a convenient digital transcriber's desk unit also developed as a system component for use with the Walkabout m5210, m5215 and m5220 digital portable dictation units. This software permits you to load dictations directly from the dictation machine to your PC and work on them there. The integrated player can be easily operated, either by foot control or by using the player buttons on the screen. 

  • Walkabout Write OAK5210-001 transcription software makes it easy to identify individual voice files, locate author priorities, and organize dictation.
  • Voice playback begins with a touch of the foot pedal - or a mouse click - while automatically launching the desired document processing software or template.
  • Transcription module offers adjustable headset volume, tone control, and the ability to switch between headset or external speaker playback.
  • Walkabout Write software lets you easily return the original voice file and transcribed text file to the dictating author via e-mail or network exchange.


Dictaphone Walkabout Write OAK5210-001 Features:

  • Manage files, sort files, and change settings with the click of a mouse.
  • Adjust Rewind/Auto Backspace, Volume, and Playback Speed with your mouse.
  • Selectable word processing compatibility - MS Word, Word Perfect, etc.
  • Displays length of each diction, and remaining length during transcription.

Playback formats: 

  • DSS: Standard play, long play, silence compression 
  • WAV: WAV formats supported by your Windows system

Requires compatible PC with USB Port (if file download to PC is done by transcriptionist), running Win98, 2000, ME or XP software. Win NT can also be used, but transcriptionist must receive files via email or network (no USB file download to PC available with Win NT).

Dictaphone Walkabout Transcription Kit Includes:

  • Walkabout Write Software
  • Desktop Adapter box
  • Ergonomic USB Headset
  • Playback 0502728 Foot Control
  • RS232 to USB Keyspan Adapter
  • RS232 cable and earphone 3.5 mm jack plug for audio sound card, lineout male to male stereo cable
  • Power pack 482 AC Adapter (can be used when serial interface output voltage is insufficient)


Dictaphone OAK5210-001 Walkabout Write Digital Portable Voice Recorder User Guide Manual

Current Software and Drivers

Dictaphone Nuance Walkabout Write version 1.5.2 for Transcription Windows 7 compatible.


Three steps are needed to download and install the Walkabout Write software:

1. Download the files by clicking the appropriate link above.

2. Uninstall any previous version of Walkabout Transfer or Walkabout Write software currently installed on your PC.

3. Extract the downloaded files and install the new software.

Warning: Both Walkabout Write and Transfer applications should not be installed on the same PC. If both the dictate and transcribe function is required on the same PC, install the Walkabout Write software.

To download the Walkabout Transfer software:

1. Click the Download link above.

2. When prompted to do so, click Save to save the file to your hard drive.

3. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the desired folder.

4. Click Save to begin the download.

5. When the Walkabout Write download is complete, click Close to close the Download Complete information box.

6. Close your Internet connection and proceed with the installation. 



Warranty Information

60 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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