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Hands Free Dictation Kit for Philips Enterprise- New

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Hands Free Dictation Kit for Philips Enterprise

The perfect solution for Pathology or any other application requiring hands free operation of a foot pedal during dictation.

Compatible with Philips SpeechExec Enterprise LFH7330 software dictation workflow solution.

Includes an extra wide heavy duty three button metal USB foot pedal, Apptec Pedal Magic Software and Dictaphone Gooseneck dictation microphone.

With this kit you can control the rewind / play / record keystroke functions via the foot pedal. For use with Philips SpeechExec Enterprise LFH7330 software dictation workflow solution

Philips Enterprise Hands Free Dictate Operation kit Package Contents: 

  • DAC FP-110-USB  three button USB foot pedal
  • Apptec Pedal Magic Software
  • Dictaphone 176838 Gooseneck Microphone
  • 3.5 Stereo Female to 3.5 Mono Male Adaptor
  • Wind Screen sponge

 (Philips SpeechExec Enterprise LFH7330 software not included)

FP 110 USB

DAC FP-110 USB Features:

DAC FP-110-USB Three Button USB Foot Pedal for PC Dictate Applications.

The FP-110-USB foot control is designed for use with theApptec Pedal Magic Software. It allows for hands-free dictation and connects to one free USB port on your computer

Allows the user to Rewind/Play and Record all hands free

Works with Apptec Pedal Magic Software

Heavy duty design to withstand constant use

For use with Philips SpeechExec Enterprise LFH7330 software dictation workflow solution (Philips SpeechExec Enterprise LFH7330 software not included)

3-programable Keystrokes function control with Pedal Magic Software

Buttons are labeled as follows (from left to right): Special, Rew/Play, Record

USB connector connects to the computer you wish to used as hands Free

All internal wires protected in thick plastic tubing to provide extra protection

Durable metal shell will withstand years of use

Rubber feet keep the foot control in place

9 foot USB foot cord

Dims: 12 wide x 5.5 tall x 1.5 deep 

The DAC FP-110-USB foot pedal is fully compatible with all Microsoft Windows Versions & Apple Macintosh. Make sure the Apptec Pedal Magic Software is compatible with your operating system.

Pedal Magic

Pedal Magic Specifications:

Sends keystrokes at the press of a pedal to your favorite application.

Instantly switch it to work with up to five different applications.

Pedal Magic also allows you to instantly recall five pedal definitions saving you time and effort when using your favorite programs. For example, you can use Pedal Magic to control your favorite Recording Systems Play/Pause, Rewind and Record functions, or you can use it, for example, to instantly Save As, or Print … the possibilities are endless! It can be installed on most Windows based computers and is compatible with Infinity USB and Infinity Serial foot pedals or 100% compatible foot pedals. 

The application runs minimized and automatically remembers the last application you choose. To use it… simply run it and then run your favorite application. To set it to work with a different application simply click Pedal Magic on the task bar and then choose a different application from its menu.

Please note: Your application program must be in focus (in other words in the foreground) to receive keystroke sequences from Pedal Magic.

If you want to send DigiTel files to an FTP site, then you can use FTPMagic to send dictation files to an FTP site. Our DigiScribe transcription software can retrieve dictation files from FTP sites. The use of an FTP site allows you to send dictation files easily to one or more remote transcriptionists, or for a transcriptionist to retrieve dictation files when they are traveling.

The menu functions of most application programs can be activated by pressing the Alt key on the keyboard plus a letter key or a function key. A menu function which can be activated in this way is usually denoted by an underscore under one character of its name. For example the menu selection for File can be activated by pressing Alt plus F.

Application programs may also allow certain functions to be activated by pressing a combination of ‘hot keys’. These applications usually contain a menu with which to configure the combination of keys that activate a particular function. For example a wav player may use the keystroke combination of Ctrl plus Alt plus F1 to begin playing a file.

Hardware System Requirements:

Pentium II or equivalent or better


Internet access, preferably via cable modem or DSL


1 MB or greater

Hard Disk:

1 GB or greater

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/7

Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. 


Dictaphone 176838 Adjustable Gooseneck Dictation Microphone

The Dictaphone 176838 uni-directional gooseneck dictation microphone will provide unparallel high quality recording into any 3.5mm mono or 3.5mm stereo jack.  

Built in state of the art microphone element eliminating interference caused by on-board chipsets that are often placed close to noisy electrical circuitry and can negatively affect speech recognition or dictation results. 

Contort this hands free microphone into any desired position to suit your recording needs. 

The integration of our windscreen filtered audio technology makes this by far our highest quality hands free gooseneck microphone to date. 

The unrivaled combination of highly accurate speech recognition results and ease of use makes the Dictaphone 176838 an ideal product for use

Dictaphone 176838 Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 70Hz ~16 KHz +/-3db 
  • Impedance: 680 ohm 
  • Sensitivity: -38 db +/-2db 
  • Sound Direction: uni-directional 
  • 23 inches from base to microphone
  • 18 inches adjustable flexible gooseneck  
  • Full metal tubing for long life   
  • Plug: 3.5mm Stereo (Mono Adapter included)



 90 Parts/Labor Mail-in Warranty


Warranty Information

90 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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