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Infinity IN-USB-1 USB Foot Pedal with Spectra USB Headset - New INUSB with SPUSB

Phone Price: $99.00 Internet Price: $92.50


Product Description

Infinity IN-USB-1 USB Foot Pedal with Spectra USB Headset and 4 Port Hub.

Brand New Infinity USB foot pedal designed for both ease of use and the ability to handle a heavy dictation / transcription workout with little to no foot fatigue.

Brand New USB Deluxe Spectra USB Headset for Computer Transcription. Underchin bow, twin speaker true stereo headset with sound card built into headset providing superb sound quality. 10 ft. cord has a digital volume control along with a USB plug. Comes with a black pouch for storage. Popular for use into transcription audio software programs using a PC sound card. Made for transcription into any Personal Computer using any transcription wav player software.

Free New Computer 4 Port USB Hub - Don't have enough USB ports on your computer for your USB Foot Pedal or USB Headset. Here is the solution!  All you have to do is plug this into one of the USB ports on your computer and it will then allow up to 4 different USB devices to be plugged in at the same time.

Free (3 Pairs) ECS SPEC Transcriber Headset Ear Cushions Replacement ear sponges for your transcriber headset for use in the following equipment.

The Infinity USB foot pedal is designed for ease of use whether you are dictating in a hands free environment or transcribing.  This USB computer foot pedal has the ability to handle a heavy dictation / transcription workload with little to no foot fatigue.

The Infinity foot pedal is used in full time work environments such as:

  • Medical Transcription (Transcribing software not included)
  • Legal Transcription (Transcribing software not included)
  • Insurance Transcription (Transcribing software not included)
  • Public Safety Transcription (Transcribing software not included)
  • Hands Free Dictation (Dictating software not included)
  • Pathology Dictation (Dictating software not included)

Ergonomic design of USB foot pedal allows you to rest your foot comfortably while you are dictating or transcribing.  USB foot pedal includes a wide, central, sloping Play pedal.  Large size of USB foot pedal enables you to easily move your foot from the Play to Fast Forward to Rewind keys during dictating or transcribing.  The Infinity USB foot pedal works on most of the leading brands of dictation / transcription products.  This USB foot pedal is perfect for Computer Transcription.  USB Foot Pedal is also known as Infinity IN-USB foot pedal or IN-USB-1 foot pedal.

  • Ergonomic design for minimal to no foot fatigue
  • Rugged heavy duty design
  • Built with heavy duty components
  • Built with precision switches designed for 2,000,000 depressions
  • Designed to not allow accidental depression of more than one pedal
  • Mechanical stop preventing accidental triggering of center pedal while stepping on side pedals
  • Hard wired to not allow accidental un-plugging
  • 90 inch heavy duty USB Cord

Partial list of compatible transcription software:

  • AccuScribe Transcription Software
  • All N' One Digital Wav Transcription Software
  • AudioScribe Transcription Software (DigiTran)
  • Auto Wav Transcription Software (Dataworxs)
  • BayScribe Transcription Software
  • BCB/VoiceIQ Transcription Software
  • byteSCRIBE Transcription Software - (VOX OR WAV)
  • ChartScript Transcription Software
  • CourtSmart Transcription Software
  • Crescendo Transcription Software
  • CyberTranscriber Transcription Software
  • CyberPlayer Transcription Software
  • Dataworxs Transcription Software (Auto Wav Player)
  • DocQscribe Transcription Software (MedQuist)
  • Dolbey Systems Transcription Software (Fusion Voice)
  • EditScript (eScription) Version 8.0 or above
  • EMDAT InScribe Transcription Software (ver. 4.91 and up)  See our VE-INPI for previous versions.
  • Empiric Encompass.Net Transcription Software (RIS)
  • eScription (EditScript) Version 8.0 and above
  • ExpressScribe Pro Transcription Software
  • Fusion Voice Transcription Software (Dolbey Systems)
  • FTR Transcription Software (FTR Gold)
  • FutureNet Transcription Software (iPlayer)
  • GearPlayer Transcription Software (Transcription Gear)
  • HPI Sum Transcription Software
  • HTH Transcription Software (Start/Stop)
  • InqScribe Transcription Software
  • Intelerad Transcription Tool Software
  • iPlayer Transcription Software (FutureNet)
  • Liberty Court Transcription Software
  • MedEDocs Transcription Software
  • Medical Transcription Interactive Transcription Software (SUM)
  • MedQuist Transcription Software (DocQscibe)
  • PC Dart Transcription Software (PlayAll XTRA)
  • PlayAll XTRA Transcription Software (PC Dart/Voice IQ)
  • RapidText Transcription Software
  • SoftMed ChartScript Software
  • Spheris Clarity Transcription Software
  • Start/Stop Transcription Software (HTH)
  • Sten-Typist Transcription Software
  • Teresis Transcription Editor Software (Terescription)
  • Transcribe 7.3 Transcription Software
  • Transcription Buddy Transcription Software
  • TranscriptionGear Transcription Software (GearPlayer)
  • Vianeta Transcription Software
  • VoiceIQ Transcription Software (BCB)
  • Wav Pedal 5 Transcription Software
  • WebCorrect Transcription Software
  • Webmedx Transcription Software
  • WinScribe Transcription Software
  • And many, many others... 

System Requirements:

To use this USB foot pedal you must have a Windows based Transcription Software Application.  Windows Media Player, Real Audio and most other sound file players are NOT designed to work with a USB foot pedal.  

This is an Infinity USB Foot Control for PC-based Wave Players that use the USB port for controlling the play / rewind / fast forward motion.  If you already have the transcription software (check compatibility list above) this is the USB foot pedal that you need.

If you have any questions about this USB foot control please call us at (800) 644-9525.  Lets make sure you get what you need correctly the first time.  We'll be happy to assist you.

The Infinity USB foot pedal is fully compatible with all Microsoft Windows Versions & Apple Macintosh.  Make sure the transcription software you are using is compatible with your operating system.


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90 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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