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Lanier P-160 Micro Cassette Recorder - Pre-Owned

Phone Price: $395.00 Internet Price: $349.00


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Lanier P-160 Micro Cassette Recorder - Pre-Owned

P-160 Micro Cassette Recorder Features:

  • Pistol Grip Microphone.
    Fits comfortably in your hand and features a built-in one-button control.
  • One Button Control. 
    Concentrate on your dictation instead of equipment controls. With this feature you can record, play back, pause and rewind simply by moving one button.
  • Precise Document Queuing. 
    With this control, you can signify the end of each document for your transcriptionist. You can also leave instructions for your transcriptionist to hear before your document is typed.
  • Telephone Record.
    The Voicewriter 260 let you record telephone conversations so you can concentrate on the conversation, instead of writing down information.
  • Conference Recording
    With this setting you can increase microphone sensitivity to record meetings or conferences.
  • One-half Speed.
    Use this setting to double the cassette recording time up to two hours.
  • Precise Document Queuing/Special instructions. 
    When you rewind, the Voicewriter 260 will automatically stop at all special instructions a user has inserted. It also pauses at the beginning of each entry for quick location of documents.
  • Recall.
    When you release the foot control, the tape automatically rewinds so you won't miss anything when you continue transcription. Rewind length is adjustable from no words to several words.
  • Transcriptionist Display. 
    A digital display tells you the total minutes of dictation on the tape.
  • Volume. 
    Tone and Speed Controls. All three can be easily adjusted for ease of transcription.

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