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Lanier P-165 Micro Cassette Portable Recorder - Demo P165

Phone Price: $449.00 Internet Price: $419.00


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Lanier P-165 Micro Cassette Portable Recorder - Demo

Demo (demonstration) Model means - Used at trade shows or in our show room floor. Comes with 90 day warranty (same as new). Never sold by us. Like new operating condition. Works perfect!

Maintain your investment in analog tape-based products with Lanier’s acclaimed solutions with the features and functions necessary to manage your business. Digital Voice Operated Recording (VOR) automatically starts and stops the tape when you start and stop talking, automatically guarding against wasted tape and missed words. And the “store recall” feature lets you switch tapes for priority dictation without losing the display information for the original tape. The VoiceWriter 165 portable is one of the smallest micro cassette portable dictation solutions available; the VoiceWriter 165 is the ideal system for on the-go dictation. The LCD, VOR, fast-play capability and one-button control make the VoiceWriter 165 a truly world-class solution for portable applications. With the VoiceWriter analog dictation application’s one-button control, you concentrate on dictation instead of equipment controls. Pick up the microphone and begin speaking. Digital Voice Operated Recording (VOR) automatically starts when you begin talking and stops it when you end dictation. Digital VOR conserves tape and ensures that no word is missed or cut off. Originators can record, play back, pause and rewind simply with one button.


  • One of the smallest micro cassette recorders available
  • Audible and visual alerts, lets you know when you are at the end of the tape so you do not miss a recording
  • Two-speed record/playback
  • One-touch recording
  • Audible fast forward, lets you hear sound as you fast forward
  • Queue, review and pause
  • Auto recording level-Automatically adjust the recording level for optimum sound recordings
  • Dictate/Conference microphone sensitivity settings
  • Earphone/microphone jacks
  • Fast play
  • Voice Operated Recording (VOR)

Warranty Information

90 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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