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SONY BM-88D Standard Cassette Dictator - Pre-Owned

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Product Description

The Sony BM88 Standard Dictator includes features such as Digital Pitch Control with 2 speed operation, hand held mic, and LCD digital display. This dictating machine also features built-in playback speaker, and speed, tone, volume and pitch controls.

Digital Pitch Control
Allows the user to speed up or slow down the playback, with exceptional clarity
2-Speed Operation
Compatible with Sony's two-speed portable recorder, for maximum dictating and transcribing versatility
Fast forward to record-end
Allows the user to Fast Forward to the end of their dictation at the touch of a button
LCD Digital Display
Indicates number of letters on cassette, special instructions if any, individual document length, and total length in minutes
Hand held mic
Hand-held microphone with slide switch for easy dictation and editing
Speed/Tone/Volume/Pitch Controls
Controls are individual slider-type, front panel mounted, to allow easy one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience
Document scan function
The document scan function quickly lets the operator know the number and length of documents and if any special instructions are recorded
3-Function Foot Control
Foot Control is available, to let the transcriber change mode from Play to Rewind to Fast-Forward without removing hands from the keyboard
Built-In Playback Speaker
Speaker atop the unit is useful when one or more persons wishes to listen to the recording, without the need to wear earphones
Built-In Erase in Rewind
Rewind may be activated to automatically erase recordings while rewinding the cassette
Pre End-of-Tape Alarm
Fully adjustable secretarial auto backspace
Backspace automatically replays the last part of the dictation whenever the user stops transcribing, to prevent lost dictation
Tape System
4 Track, 2 Channel Monaural Cassette
Tape Speeds
4.8cm/sec, 2.4cm/sec
Fast Winding Time
Approx. 2 min. 20 sec. with DC-90 Cassette at 4.8cm/sec
Frequency Response
100 - 8,000Hz (4.8cm/sec.)
100 - 5,000Hz (2.4cm/sec)
Earphone Mini Jack
Mono x 1, 2 1/4 (57mm) dia.
Power Output
350mW (at 10% Harmonic Distortion)
Power Requirements
9V with AC Adaptor
3 lb 5 oz (1.4kg)
7 7/8 X 2 7/8 X 9 3/4

Sony BM88 Dictator includes:
AC Adaptor, SONY HU-80 Microphone

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