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VDI 3008 Digital LCD SuperStation - New

Phone Price: $625.00 Internet Price: $585.00


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VDI 3008 Digital LCD SuperStation - New

  • Simple to Use
  • Simple to Program
  • Simple to Connect
    Connects to standard modular phone jack
  • Phone Cord and Power Supply Included
  • Universal – For Dictation or Transcription
    Comes headset and foot pedal. Microphone is an optional accessory. 
  • SONY Slide Switch Microphone (dictation only - optional)
  • Fully Functional Foot Pedal and Ear Bud Headset (transcription only)
  • Use Locally or Remote
    Will connect directly to VoiceTech computer or remotely through dial-up telephone lines by using standard modular RJ11 telephone connector
  • Customizeable to Work with Almost Any Digital System on the Market
  • One Button for Next Dictation
  • Private Listening Through Hand Held Microphone
  • SonyMatic Gain Control
    Blocks out background noise
  • Barcode Capability (option)
    Barcode option allows a variety of barcode readers to be used (A barcode reader is not included)
  • Small Size, Approximately 5” x 7”
    About half the size of a C-Phone, won’t clutter desk
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Speed Dial
    Will connect when turned on

New VDI-3008 Digital SuperStation includes:
Earbud Headset, 3 Function Foot Pedal, Phone Cord, Power Supply and Instruction Sheet.

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