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Dragon® Veterinary

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon Veterinary Software can help with both and more!

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon® Veterinary is a customized medical speech recognition solution specific for Veterinary Professionals!

Dragon® Veterinary Software is built by Brian A. Poteet, DVM, Dip. ACVR and his team of board certified radiologists who have extensive experience with all modalities of Veterinary Teleradiology. Beyond specialized vocabulary for veterinarians, the Dragon® Veterinary software offers three sets of vocabulary words, one specific for small animals, one for large animals, and one for mixed animals, all of which can be bundled with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4.

Dragon Veterinary
Dragon Veterinary



Features and Benefits


Improves and complements the leading Veterinary software that you use everyday


Reduce the need to type, and decrease the time it takes to complete a patient documentation


Create more comprehensive patient documentation


Spend less time at the computer and more time with patients or more time to yourself!


Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon® Veterinary helps veterinarians navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans into their Veterinary Practice Management Software of choice.

By speech enabling your practice with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 with Dragon® Veterinary, veterinarians have the best solution to go to a quick paperless environment and run their practice more efficiently.

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Dragon Veterinary

Dragon Veterinary

Nuance® PowerMic™ III

Nuance® PowerMic™ III microphone offers simplified, thumb-control operation for dictating, navigating, and editing speech recognition generated documentation. Your choice of either a 3' or 9' USB cable to suit your workflow

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