Winscribe Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition
Your voice can be one of the most powerful tools to increase
efficiencies within your document creation process. When you
consider that the average person can speak three times faster
than he or she can type by conservative estimates. This fact
not only makes dictation with integrated speech recognition
options a viable work method but it demonstrates that
transcribing dictation from scratch is time consuming, not to
mention costly. Add in the difficulty and expense of finding
experienced and skilled typists it’s easy to see why so many
organizations are looking for ways of improving productivity
and accuracy.
Speech Recognition technology has been in the marketplace for
a number of years, and the technology is constantly improving
the way we do business, for both large and small organizations.
Winscribe’s integrated Speech Recognition provides a flexible
platform with the ability to customize your system to provide
the maximum productivity. There are additional components
within Speech Recognition that cater for all types of businesses,
Winscribe’s Integrated
• Multi vocabularies such as US English, UK English,
Speech Recognition Platform
Australian English, Indian English, SE Asian English,
additional components include:
German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and many more to
maximize text accuracy
• Multiple language vocabularies
• Over 300,000 pre loaded words in the system dictionary to
• System dictionary
ensure maximum results
• “Learn as you speak”
• “Learn as you speak” - Personal dictionaries for the
• Customizable commands
author to add, train and manage to continually improve
recognition rates
• Integration with Microsoft Word
• Customizable commands to shortcut to commonly
repeated words
• Integration with Microsoft Word templates for
automatically formatting text
There are two main options available when purchasing
Speech Recognition
integrated Speech Recognition,
for uploading to the serve as
front end (also known as ‘client
soon as a connection becomes
side’ speech recognition) or back
end (also referred to as ‘server
Server-Side Speech Recognition
side’ speech recognition). With
With server-based speech
Winscribe you have the ability to
recognition, the speech recognition
choose the method that works
process is carried out centrally
best for you, or take advantage of
at the server level, and uses the
a combination of both.
appropriate recognition profile and
dictionary to substantially increase
Client-Side Speech Recognition
the recognition rate:
Client-side speech recognition is
completed and processed on your
• One click dictation sending
local PC, and allows the author to:
means that no extra training
is required for authors as they
• View, edit and correct recognized
dictate as per normal so your
text as you speak for ‘on
work practices are completely
the spot’ document creation
and completion. The system
dictionary contains over 300,000
• As all processing is done on the
pre loaded words to ensure
server, there is minimal impact
maximum results.
on PC performance.
• Use voice commands to make
Reduced transcription cost
• Dictation adaptations are
edits anywhere in the document
done on the server and then
quickly and easily.
automatically distributed for
• Mark the level of self -
Greater control of reports
correction before sending
for authors
• Speech recognition adaptation
through for typing; choose
technology allows corrected
from Fully Corrected, Partially
typing to be submitted back
Corrected or Uncorrected.
to the server. In doing so, the
Improved client service
engine is automatically ‘trained’
• Utilize offline capabilities to
to update the speakers vocal
dictate anywhere, anytime,
Faster report turnaround times
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