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Philips Digital Portable Recorders

Increased productivity through greater mobility with Philips Digital Pocket Memo Dictation Recorders

Philips Digital Pocket Memos set the new standards in advanced functionality and style.  Voice commands, on-board file encryption and password protection are but a few of the powerful features of the Philips DPM8000 Digital Portable Dictation Recorder. The ergonomic design lends itself to unparalleled user friendliness to create dictations, and the intuitive controls are easy to use. Coupled with SpeechExec Pro Dictate, the network-based dictation software and a docking station for uploading your files, the new Pocket Memo 8000 is the ultimate in digital dictation.
Philips offers many other models of Digital Pocket Memos for mobility and flexibility that are critical in today's fast-moving business environments. The portable digital dictation devices from Philips give you the freedom to work when and where it suits you best, so that location is no longer an issue.

A Digital Pocket Memo makes your workload so much easier to organize. Information recorded is easily recognized on your PC via the file management function.