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Customers Reviews

Executive Communications Beats Out Our Local Supplier for Service

We have local retailers and service contractors for our Olympus Digital Voice Recorders; however, Executive Communications does a better job of responding and serving our needs than we can get locally ... which is why we've been doing business with them for over 12 years, now.

- Stan Audette

Wish I could give

I have been using these ear buds for medical transcription having got my first pair in 2000. Absolutely blows away all the others. Hard to hear with background noise no problem. Problem dictators hard to understand no problem. ECS is the best!!!

- Leslee M

Earbuds perfect

These noise reduction earbuds are perfect for transcription work especially when work transcribed is difficult to hear, noisy backgrounds, etc. They really do the job. My order is always processed in a timely fashion and always receive the correct product. I would highly recommend this company and their products.

- Pat Hawley

Great Pedal

I really like his pedal. I do notice a squeaking noise when I press on the foot pedal, however, it does not interfere with performance. Other than that, it works really great. Especially liked how fast I received the product and how easy it was to order.

- Julie

Works great

I've just started working in transcription, and this pedal has saved me a ton of time in not having to manually rewind audio files. I'd definitely recommend to anyone in the field.

- Faith


About Us

The prime focus for Executive Communication Systems (ECS) in Ventura, CA is customer satisfaction. Since 1990 ECS has been providing high quality, dependable dictation/transcription equipment and accessories with in-house service solutions designed to address the needs of our customers.

Additionally, integrity isn't just a word for us, it describes how we live our lives and operate our business.

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