ECS WordSmith Noise Reduction In Ear USB Transcription Headset

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ECS WordSmith Noise Reduction In-Ear USB Transcription Headset - New

“I have been transcribing with these earbuds for nearly a year now.  In 30 year of transcribing I have never had such luxury of listening to almost silent dictation!”

-Heidi, Professional Transcriptionist from Charleston, South Carolina

Are you dealing with difficult and nearly unintelligible audio or video dictations?

Do you wish you could say Dear Dr. ________, I understand you are extremely busy and dictation is low on your list of priorities, but if you could take an extra moment and clearly articulate your dictation, the transcribed reports would come back to you with less questions and/or errors?

We all know poor dictating habits such as chewing gum, eating, yawning, sneezing, coughing, mumbling, using a speakerphone, etc. can severely affect your transcription time. You waste time and energy (in frustration) listening to dictations over & over again trying to decipher words and grammar in the process of transcription.

Don't you wish you could knock those challenging digital transcription jobs off much faster, even the ones with mushed syllables and unfamiliar accents?

If this is you, stop wishing, stop the frustration and fall in love with our ECS Wordsmith In-Ear USB Headset for Transcription! Its proprietary sound card generates amazing volume and sound clarity, helping to keep transcriptions accurate to the letter with exclusive voice frequency matching technology

With the ECS WordSmith In-Ear USB Transcription Headset, you’ll:  

  • Hear Things With Clarity You Never Thought Possible -  Its built-in soundcard generates near-perfect sound, far superior to your computer’s sound card
  • Focus on your Work by Eliminating Distractions – With technology that matches the frequency response of the spoken word, dictations are much louder and clearer.
  • Remain Comfortable, Even during Long Workdays –The WordSmith headset fits into the contour of any ear.
  • Never Lose Your Connection Again – with the ECS WordSmith USB Transcription Headset’s generous 7’ cord, you would need to stand up and walk away from your desk to lose the connection.
  • Adjust The Volume without Taking Your Hands off the Keyboard– its built-in volume control allows you to control volume up and down by dictators with ease!
  • Start transcribing in minutes – this ECS WordSmith In-Ear transcription headset installs in minutes and doesn’t require a separate USB driver.
  • Work with the transcription software you already use – this transcription headset works seamlessly with all major transcription programs

It is also compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac and comes with a direct connect 2.0 USB plug (no drivers required.

When you order the ECS WordSmith In-Ear Transcription Headset from Executive Communication Systems, you get:

  • Fast Shipping – we can ship it today if you order by 6 p.m. Eastern.
  • Peace of Mind - we have you covered if something goes wrong with our 1-year warranty – 4 times as long as our competition
  • The Best Transcription Support Team In the Business – we have been trusted by over 100,000 customers since 1990

Order the ECS WordSmith headset today! 


ECS WordSmith Noise Reduction In-Ear USB Transcription Headset

The King of ALL Transcription Headsets

Guaranteed to be the best sounding in-ear transcription headset you’ve ever heard.The spoken word has never sounded this clear!

Specially engineered for transcribing dictated audio files

The specially engineered ECS-NRIE-USB transcription in-ear earphones can be seamlessly and easily integrated into your existing digital transcription software.

Isolated external noise reduction allowing you to focus on your dictation

The WordSmith Noise Reduction in-ear, ear tips are ergonomically design to fit securely in the ear canal. This effectively forms a sealed chamber within the ear canal and blocks out external noise. We include 3 different sizes to suit practically everyone.

Exclusive technology matching frequency response with the spoken word

Our exclusive technology is design to matching frequency response with the spoken word. Normal 3.5 mm transcription headsets are designed to work with the internal sound card built into computer which is designed to match the frequency response of music.

Built-in premium digital fully adjustable volume control

The ergonomic built-in volume control allows you to adjust volume up and down easy wile reproduction is in progress.

Designed for use with transcription audio software programs

Specifically designed to used with must transcription programs up there.

Stunning volume and clarity, allowing you to type more efficiently

Playback recorded files with stunning volume and clarity allowing you type more efficient.

Light weight silicone ear buds for greater comfort

Lightweight, soft silicone ear buds for enhanced wearing comfort.

Dynamic reproduction of dictation audio files

Dynamic crystal clear sound reproduction can easily handle low volume or pour audio quality dictations

Built-in premium sound card for improved transcribing accuracy

Its built-in sound card generates near-perfect sound, far superior to your computer’s sound card.

7 foot cord for ease of movement

The 7 foot cord gives you the freedom to move around your work area without having to remove the headset.

Direct connect 2.0 USB plug with no drivers required

There is no software driver or external power adapter needed and it connects in seconds. Just plug your Trasnciption Headset into a free USB port on your PC.


ECS-NRIEUSB Headset Includes:

  • In-Ear USB Headset with Volume Control
  • 3 Pair Ear Tips Large, Medium and Small

Note: Along with the pair on the headset you will receive a total of 3 extra pair, total of 6 ear silicone tips.


Notes from transcription conventions we exhibit at around the country.

We have multiple options for USB transcription headsets.  All of our USB options have a sound card built into the cord. The sound card built into the cord is specially designed to match the frequency response of the spoken word.  It is very important to note that normal 3.5mm transcription headsets are designed to work with the internal sound card built into computer which is designed to match the frequency response of music.  

We travel with a transcription headset audio testing station laptop with four headsets (three USB and one 3.5 stereo) as we work trade shows all over the country. The USB transcription headsets are absolutely incredible. The three most popular styles are below. It is very important to note that we have the exact same dictation audio file playing out of a laptop. Audio levels are exactly the same but the sound coming out of headsets are very different.

1) ECS-WHUC3.5 - Underchin - (similar style headset most people have used for years) The audio volume and clarity is boosted most people feel by about 100%. Our 4th best transcription headset.

2) WordSmith USB - Noise Reduction In Ear - USB sound card in line. The audio volume and clarity is boosted most people feel by about 300-400%. Our best transcription headset.


It is very important to note that if you have a good audio file just about any headset will sound good.  Our USB headsets will help best with low or distorted sound quality.



1 Year Mail In Parts/Labor

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  • 5

    Posted by Helen Ross on Aug 14th 2023

    Excellent product.

  • 5
    Nice quality

    Posted by Nolan Bowen on Oct 11th 2022

    I have been very happy with the headset since I first bought it. It's lightweight and fits well in my ear.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 1st 2022

    These are the best, and so is the staff.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 23rd 2022

    Comfortable ear buds, extremely LONG cord and incredible sound quality. I'm in love.

  • 5
    Ear buds

    Posted by Lisa Alger on Jul 16th 2021

    I love these earbuds! But end up having to get new pair twice a year (thank goodness for warranty)! Will be ordering another pair so don't have issues waiting for new pair as need to hear good and these definitely are the best! Thanks!

  • 5

    Posted by Helyn J. on May 18th 2021

    I just purchased these. I am a court reporter and these are outstanding!! I already have two of the noise canceling headphones, One at work and one at home. Since I travel around in my county, I thought that getting a set of the noise canceling earbuds would be a good idea, since since I've been carrying around one of my headsets. They're a bit bulky and purchasing the earbuds has not only been very convenient, but the quality is incredibly good, which is why I was originally carrying one of my headsets with me. Thanks for a great product!!

  • 5
    Wish I could give **********+

    Posted by Leslee M on Jan 7th 2020

    I have been using these ear buds for medical transcription having got my first pair in 2000. Absolutely blows away all the others. Hard to hear with background noise no problem. Problem dictators hard to understand no problem. ECS is the best!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa Alger on Jan 7th 2020

    I am VERY PLEASED WITH THESE EARBUDS! Thank you for expeditious mailing right after Christmas, got them in like 3 days! They are the clearest head set for transcription!!! THANK YOU!

  • 5
    The only headset I will use

    Posted by Kathy on Sep 29th 2019

    After doing a lot of research I chose this headset because it was recommnended as the best for transcription. I will not use anything else. I prefer earbuds over headphones. My previous set stopped working in one ear after about 3 years so I ordered a new pair and they came within 2 days which was nice because I was working on a transcription with very poor audio and this headset is the best for that. Thank you for such quick service!!