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Working in public safety can be both physically and mentally demanding.

In the fast-paced worlds of law enforcement, EMTs, and public health offices, it can be difficult to make precise documentation on the go or to even remember all of the information relevant to a case. Dragon® Anywhere can remedy that situation, allowing users to instantaneously create digital documentation with their Android or iOS device. Take the risk out of transcription and let Dragon Anywhere give you the power to transcribe your documentation up to three times faster than typing.

Dragon® Anywhere lets you:

  • Create digital documentation from anywhere at any time and upload to the Nuance® User Management Console (NUMC) where users can easily manage and monitor usage and workflows
  • 99% accuracy with easy voice editing commands and formatting capabilities that make navigating through templates a breeze
  • Share documents by email, Dropbox, Evernote, and other document sharing systems with the click of a button
  • Support for auto-text of frequently used words and phrases, such as patient documentation and client information

Dragon Anywhere Sets You Free to Do Your Job

Accomplish more in less time so you can focus on your job in the public safety sector, just by using Dragon Anywhere. Let us show you how with a short demo and we'll be there for post-sales technical and customer support.

Dragon Anywhere sets you free from your desk and from piles of paperwork and documentation and empowers you to do your job from anywhere while eliminating the risks that result from incomplete or inaccurate documentation.

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