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ECS PPT FP USB Three Button PowerPoint Foot Pedal - New

Phone Price: $79.95 Internet Price: $64.95


Product Description

The ECS-PPT-FP USB Three Button Foot Pedal for use with PowerPoint.

The ECS-PPT-FP USB three function foot pedal can be used while you run your PowerPoint presentation in full screen mode to easily perform the next animation or advance to the next slide. As well as return to the previous animation or previous slide.


  • Hands-free page turning control.
  • Plug and Play - no driver or configuration software required.
  • No delay when tapping button.
  • No batteries required.
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.


  • Press right button to change back to the previous animation or return to the previous slide.
  • Press center button to change to the next animation or advance to the next slide.
  • Press left button to display a blank white slide, or return to the presentation from a blank white slide.

Warranty Information

90 Day Mail In Parts/Labor Warranty

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  1. Song Lyrics

    Posted by on Dec 26th 2017

    4 Star Review

    I am in an acoustic gospel\bluegrass band and our audiences typically are of the type who could sing along if they know the lyrics. I put together a PowerPoint deck with lyrics and will use it when we play somewhere with either a projection system or at least a place to project. Since I also play 4 instruments [not all at the same time], a friend of mine recommended this product so I could also advance the slides with those lyrics using my freer feet. We actually are using it for the first time in a couple weeks, but, testing it, it seems to do the job well. I'd recommend the company change the "white slide" option to a complete blackout, which is also a PowerPoint function, as I think the white slides will distract from the band. I also received the unit without the labeling necessary to convert it from another
    business product to a PowerPoint product, which was not a big deal, but, they still should have done that before shipping it to me.

  2. I use it for stage presentations

    Posted by on Dec 18th 2017

    5 Star Review

    Isn't it awkward to always have a clicker in your hand when you present? Left hand microphone, right hand clicker. I'm not Italian, but still, I use my hands to communicate! I've googled my hands raw to find a solution, and even though this product is primarily for something else ... IT WORKS! I just tested it today for a Facebook live video, and plan to test it on the stage in a couple of weeks. Hands free Keynote, here I come!