Nuance® PowerMic Mobile App

The PowerMic Mobile App - Turns talk to text instantly

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with the PowerMic Mobile App

Nuance® is once again changing the world of speech-recognition for the better with the PowerMic Mobile app. PowerMic Mobile, for iOS and Android devices, is easy to install on your smartphone and connects with your Cloud-based Dragon® software, so you can literally turn your words into text.

Your smartphone is turned into a secure wireless microphone that can be used with Windows-based desktop clinical speech recognition solutions. Clinicians can capture notes while information is still fresh, as it allows flexibility and the freedom to go from room to room or computer to computer.

Staying connected in a virtualized world is easy with PowerMic Mobile

  • Subscribe to the PowerMic Mobile app
  • Configure it to your computer or workstation in just a few easy steps
  • Complete initial implementation
  • Connect to the Cloud securely with 256-bit encryption, using Wi-Fi or cellular networks
Nuance PowerMic Mobile App

Convenient and Customizable Features


Greater clinician mobility

Clinicians can complete their patient notes using any Windows-based desktop solution


Scalable and centrally managed

PowerMic Mobile is highly scalable, so it can grow with your organization and offers web-based central management for configuring and managing user accounts and preferences


Optimized for Nuance solutions

Designed to work with Windows-based desktop solutions, PowerMic Mobile has been optimized for use with Nuance cloud-based healthcare solutions

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