Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) dictation / transcription equipment and accessories have undergone a series of rigorous inspection and testing by our factory trained technical service department. Every portable dictator, transcriber, accessory, etc. has up to a 35 point inspection. No detail is missed. We even take a professional tooth brush to the exterior of the dictation / transcription equipment, foot pedals, microphones, headsets, etc. All portable dictators, desktop dictators / transcribers, digital systems and dictation / transcription accessories and appropriate accessories are then professionally shrink wrapped.

As a result of stringent guidelines and strict criteria associated with dictator / transcriber equipment and dictator / transcriber accessories for the CPO qualification process, certified pre-owned dictation / transcription equipment and accessories are guaranteed or certified, by Executive Communication Systems to be free from defects in parts/labor for 60 days after delivery. For added peace of mind, virtually every certified pre-owned dictation / transcription machine sold today by ECS qualifies for an extended annual enhancement and support agreement. Please email questions regarding extended service to service@tvps.com.

Certified Pre-Owned FAQ's

Is ECS the only company offering dictation/transcription equipment as Certified Pre-Owned?
Yes, to our knowledge no other company has made the commitment in resources and personnel. We have over 7,500 square feet of company owned space and 9 dedicated technical service personnel with a combined over 125 years experience in the dictation/transcription industry.
Do Certified Pre-Owned dictation / transcription machines and accessories cost more than used equipment purchased from other sources?
Yes, CPO dictation / transcription machines and accessories typically cost more money than non-certified dictation / transcription machines and accessories. For some customers, the piece of mind gained by paying more money for a CPO dictation / transcription machine and/or accessories is worth the extra cost.
What's involved with a typical Certified Pre-Owned dictation / transcription machine or accessory inspection process?
Typically, dictation / transcription machines and accessories are put through extensive testing on all functions to make sure the equipment meets the same specifications as when it was new. Extensive cleanings on the interior and exterior of all portable dictators, desktop dictators / transcribers, digital dictation stations, digital dictation systems, microphones, headsets, foot pedals, etc. are made. Once a machine / accessory passes this initial test phase, it's put through a series of evaluations (further defined as the inspection process) to see if it meets our stringent guidelines for certification.


We've organized these detailed inspections into five separate criteria that vary depending on the dictation / transcription machine or dictation / transcription accessory. These criteria are:

  1. General evaluation, including all recording, playback and overall operation.
  2. Interior assessment, including cassette holders, memory card slot, belts, pinch rollers, gears, tires, motor(s), playback heads, erase heads, record heads, solenoids, spring tensions and general adjustments.
  3. Exterior assessment, including buttons, displays, lids, doors, covers, speakers, USB jacks, mic jacks, ear phone jacks and power jacks.
  4. Interior evaluation, including electrical switches, connectors, cables and contacts.
  5. Required service and maintenance assessment, such as lube, tension check, torque check and smooth operation.