DAC FP-7000-4D-W Waterproof Handsfree Dictation Foot Pedal

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FP-7000 4D/W Foot Control


DAC FP-7000 4D/W Waterproof Four Button Foot Pedal for Hands free Dictation Applications - New

The DAC FP-7000 4D/W Four function waterproof hands free foot pedal dictation control is designed for use with Olympus, is a great solution for microscope operation, Pathology or any other application requiring hands free dictation functionality, just by plugging this waterproof foot pedal control to the Olympus CR15 or CR10 docking station/Cradle, when used in conjunction with the Olympus DS-7000, Olympus DS-5000 or Olympus DS-5000iD digital portable recorders, on hands free mode operation. It allows for hands-free dictation and download, it connects to the back of the portable's docking station. In addition, the left pedal allows the Olympus digital recorders to be downloaded dictation files to a computer while docked. This is possible because the foot control has a second cord that connects via USB, while controlling recording, rewind, playback, next job and download functions 100% hands free. This waterproof foot control model has all internal wires protected in thick plastic tubing, It is durable and comfortable It will provide years of use.

  • Works with R6 Olympus Dictation Module Software
  • Allows the user to Download, change to Next Job, Rewind/Play and Record all hands free
  • Heavy duty design to withstand constant use
  • For use with the Olympus DS-7000,DS-5000 and DS-5000iD digital portable (DS4000 not supported)
  • 4-function control with DOWNLOAD, NEXT JOB, REW/PLAY & RECORD
  • Buttons are labeled as follows (from left to right): Download, Next Job, Rew/Play, Record
  • 8 pin din connector connects to the CR-10 or CR-15 cradle
  • USB mini type B connector connects to the CR-10 or CR-15 cradle
  • USB connector connects to the computer you wish to download the audio files to
  • Durable metal shell will withstand years of use
  • Rubber feet keep the foot control in place
  • Plug-n-Play with no programming needed
  • 8 foot cord (8 pin din)
  • 8 foot Mini USB cord
  • 8 foot A type USB cord
  • Dims: 16 wide x 5.5 tall x 1.5 deep

Compatible with:

  • Olympus DS-7000 Digital Hand Held Portable Recorder
  • Olympus DS-5000 Digital Hand Held Portable Recorder
  • Olympus DS-5000iD Digital Hand Held Portable Recorder
Note: The DAC FP-7000-4D-W Replaces the DAC FP-5000-4D-W and Previous DAC FP-4000-4D-W Foot pedals models

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