ECS XLR Gooseneck Mic Desktop Base with Mute Switch

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ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B XLR Gooseneck Microphone Quick Shock Mount Phantom Power Desktop Base Push to Mute Switch with an illuminated LED indicator - New

ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B Multi-purpose phantom power gooseneck microphone Weighted base model with an LED illuminated indicator “Push to Mute” switch.

The ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B XLR Desk Stand: helps revolutionizing your microphone control experience with cutting-edge features designed to enhance usability and performance.

At the heart of this innovative desk stand lies an ultra-quiet electronic switch, providing seamless touch-on/touch-off functionality for effortless microphone operation. Say goodbye to noisy switches that disrupt your audio recordings or performances.

Equipped with external LED control, the ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B ensures accurate depiction of your microphone's live status, giving you real-time feedback for confident monitoring. Whether you're in a studio session or live performance, stay informed at a glance.

Crafted with heavy die-cast construction and non-slip bottom pads, this desk stand minimizes the coupling of surface vibrations, ensuring pristine audio quality even in dynamic environments. Its low-profile design, complemented by a sleek low-reflectance black finish, adds a touch of sophistication to any setup.

The ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B features a touch-sensitive on/off switch integrated seamlessly into its sturdy metal base. This base hosts both a three-pin XLR Female input and a three-pin XLR Male output connector, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of gooseneck microphones.

Designed to accommodate any gooseneck microphone with a three-pin XLR Male connector, the ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B is your go-to solution for convenient microphone control on your desk or workspace.

Powering this powerhouse of performance is simple; the ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B requires 9V to 52V phantom power for operation, ensuring compatibility with standard audio setups.

Experience the future of microphone control with the ECS-WSGM-XLR-48V-B Desk Stand - where innovation meets reliability for unmatched audio excellence.

Compatible with:

XLR Gooseneck microphones

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