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Nuance® Dragon® Law Enforcement

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Dragon Law Enforcement delivers on the need of law enforcement professionals, including police officers and sergeants, for a fast, accurate way to safely and efficiently meet daily reporting and documentation demands – all while being able to capture more detail in the moment versus reporting an incident hours later. Documenting by voice also allows officers to be heads-up and more situationally aware by minimizing the need for use of the mobile data terminal (MDT) keyboard while on patrol. Dragon Law Enforcement also performs voice-activated license plate and arrest lookups to instantly assess potential danger.

Additional benefits include:

Reduced time tethered to a computer manually typing reports, allowing officers to be more visible in the community and more productive in their patrol cars
Easier software license management for law enforcement IT staff with the ability to manage user profiles and custom settings.
“Like other professions, law enforcement professionals face reporting and documentation challenges. However, these documentation demands can oftentimes impact not only productivity but officer safety and their ability to be more visible in the community,” said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon. “By leveraging our experience in serving the law enforcement community along with the input from police officers nationally, we have introduced a customized and tailored documentation solution that directly addresses their unique documentation needs.”

Dragon and its Positive Impact on Law Enforcement

Police departments across North America have already experienced the benefits of Dragon. For instance,

The Clearwater Police Department reduced report-writing time by more than 50 percent to give its officers the ability to get back on the street.
A police department in Colorado has estimated a savings of $195,000 every year because it no longer pays a transcription service.
The Rogers Police Department in Minnesota decided to implement Dragon as a means to streamline the reporting process and increase overall department efficiencies. According to Jeffrey Beahen, Chief, Rogers, Minn. Police Department: “Seeing content on the screen as they dictate is helping the officers produce more thorough and accurate reports. They’re able to review, edit and fill in missing details as they go, which makes a big difference.”

Delivering on the Needs of Police Chiefs

The latest Dragon solution also meets the appeal by International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) President Terrence Cunningham to police departments across the country to demand speech recognition solutions. When he was sworn into office in October 2015, Cunningham, who also serves as Chief of Police, for Wellesley, Massachusetts, Police Department said:

“I believe we must focus on the role of technology in policing. There is no doubt that technology can be a great asset to our officers, but there are times when it can also be a deadly distraction. Specifically, I’m talking about officers and troopers dying or being severely injured due to the distractions of technology in their vehicles. We need to demand a solution that allows officers to keep their head up while issuing verbal commands to run a query, change a radio frequency, or activate their emergency lights.”

Dragon Law Enforcement effectively meets Cunningham’s proposed demand by delivering a solution capable of running common queries by voice. 


Nuance® Dragon® Law Enforcement – its first professional productivity solution designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. Dragon Law Enforcement features powerful dictation and voice command capabilities to improve report accuracy and timeliness, speed data entry into records management systems (RMS) or other applications, and enable common look-up tasks via voice command — all at up to three times faster than typing, with up to 99 percent accuracy.

Ensure timely filing of incident reports


Eliminate the need to decipher handwritten notes or try to recall details from hours before. Officers simply speak to create detailed and accurate incident reports, 3 times faster than typing and with up to 99% recognition accuracy – all by voice.

Speed data entry within records management systems (RMS)

Use fast and accurate dictation to enter data into RMS and CAD systems or other applications. Officers or support staff simply dictate anywhere they would normally type, and fill and navigate within form fields by voice.


Increase officer omnipresence in the community


Enable law enforcement professionals to dictate reports and other paperwork in a fraction of the time it would typically take typing by hand. The result: officers spend less time back at the station tethered to a computer, and more time on patrol keeping communities safe.

Empower officers with a Nuance PowerMic option

Empower officers to complete reports with a high-quality, handheld microphone. Officers can dictate, edit, navigate and review documents, or switch dictation on and off using a toggle button if they need to exit the vehicle quickly. And with programmable buttons, automate steps such as advancing sequentially through form fields of an incident report.


Leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology


With a next-generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or those working in open office or mobile environments; making it ideal for diverse work groups and settings.

Keep officers safer and more situationally aware

Improve in-car documentation and safety while officers are stationary in their patrol cars. Officers can look up license plates simply by saying “Enter license plate Alpha Bravo Charlie 123,” or write reports and respond to calls - all while staying heads up and with their eyes on their surroundings.


Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs


Reduce dependencies on outsourced transcription services and costs. Using Dragon, support staff can transcribe recorded notes or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly and easily back at the PC, or use the Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) to transcribe batch files of audio recordings.

Centrally manage for significant costs savings

The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customizations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple users.



Recommended System Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 4GB

CPU: Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors yield faster performance.

Free hard disk space: 8GB

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32- and 64-bit); Windows Server 2008 R2 & 2012 R2

Internet Explorer 11 or higher or the current version of Chrome or Firefox for Online Help

A sound card supporting 16-bit recording

An Internet connection for product download and automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process)

Note: Does not support dictation into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. For EMR support, please use Dragon Medical Practice Edition.




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