Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Dictation Recorder with Built-in WiFi

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OL- DS-9500
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Record your voice and manage dictation workflow with
enhanced clarity and flexibility in any environment.

The DS-9500 digital recorder features WiFi technology, a superior noise canceling system,
and improved structural integrity to simplify and improve dictation efficiency.

Developed for professionals who require the best dictation no matter the environment.
Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating
and suppress ambient noise in offices, hospitals, cars, airports, and other noisy environments.
The DS-9500 is designed to be a strong and dependable workhorse in heavy use environments.
Complete with 256bit AES encryption and device pin lock, the DS-9500 provides trusted security
for your most sensitive information.


Managing workflow and sending dictation via WiFi accessibility provides increased flexibility and improved efficiency. Pairing with your personal hotspot or office network provides real-time file sharing with your transcriptionist. Status of transcription files can easily be checked on the DS-9500.


Crystal clear voice in any environment. The intelligent dual microphone technology ensures optimization for many different recording environments. For example, in a noisy environment such as an airport or conference room, use narrow directionality to ensure the voice is accurately captured.


An included studio quality pop filter reduces additional noise from wind and breath noise, enabling more accurate transcription and professional, high quality recordings.



A reliable body design resistant up to a 1.5-meter (4.9-ft) fall dramatically enhances the lifespan of the DS-9500 in heavy use environments. An optical slide switch reduces the risk of mechanical failure.



The Standard in Professional Digital Recorders

The Olympus DS-9500 Professional Voice Recorder increases workflow simplicity through WiFi connectivity, intelligent dual microphone noise cancellation technology, and impact-resistant certification up to 1.5 meters (4.9 ft). Equipped with an optical slide switch, the DS-9500 is designed to be a strong, dependable workhorse in heavy use environments. Complete with 256-bit AES encryption and device pin lock, the DS-9500 provides trusted security to your most sensitive information.



Technical specifications

Key Features

• WiFi compatible for immediate file sharing with transcriptionist

• Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise

• Triple-layer sound studio pop filter blocks breath and wind vibrations

• Certified up to 1.5 meter shockproof body

• Precise slide switch (REC / STOP / PLAY / REW)

• Full Color TFT LCD with white LED backlight, 36.72mm x 48.96mm / 2.4 inch (240 x 320 pixels)

• Rechargeable Li-ion-battery (1350mAh)

• Storage media: Secure Digital (SD, SDHC), 2GB, 32GB (External)

• Internal storage media: 2GB (micro SD), DSS Pro SP = approx. 306 hours recording time

Recording Formats

• DSS / DSS Pro / WAV / MP3

Professional Speech Processing

• Author IDs: 10

• Work Types: 20

• Priority: High/Normal

• Verbal comments (up to 32 per file), Text editor, Pending, File lock

Advanced Recording Features

• Voice activated recording (VCVA)

• Microphone sensitivity: 3 Levels (High/Middle/Low)(Conference Mode = Auto)

• Insert, Overwrite, Append, Partially erase: Only with DSS Pro & DSS (Overwrite & Append: also WAV)

• Index Marks Per File: 32 (DSS Pro/WAV/MP3), 16 (DSS)

• Level meter, VCVA indicator

• Folders: Up to 7 (name changeable)

• Hands-free dictation, stand-alone transcription with optional Olympus Footswitch RS-31

• Full-duplex recording with headphones


• Speed: Slow/Normal/Fast

• Volume level: Adjustable from 0 to 30

• Cue / Review

Stationary Operations

• Applicable as PC microphone

• Controlling PC application ODMS


Administrative Settings

• Accessibility: Various settings related to user authorization, e.g., prohibiting erasing of files; menu settings

• Splash message: Option to set personalized welcome message during start-up

• Main button guide: Shows current slide switch function on display

• Alarms: Option to set alarms for particular occasions; beeping noise

• Customizable display content: Option to customize information shown on display

• Programmable buttons: 3

• Single user and workgroup installation

• Single user and workgroup installation

• Citrix / WTS / Thin client support 

Technical Data

• Dimensions: 4.75 in (H) x 1.96 in (W) x .73 in (D) weight: 4.1 oz (including battery)

• Languages: English, German, Czech, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Italian

• Operating systems: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10) | Mac OS X (10.10-10.13)

• Recommended operating condition: 0-42°C / 32-107.6°F

• Mini USB 2.0 composite / storage class

• Charging via AC adapter or USB

• Speaker (integrated): Built-in .43 x .59 in square dynamic speaker, 320mW (8Ω speaker)

• Headphone/microphone jacks: Ø3.5mm mini jack | impedance 2kΩ, Ø3.5mm mini jack | impedance 8Ω or more

What's in the Box

• microSD card

• Warranty card

• Instruction manual

• LI-92B Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

• A-517 AC Adaptor

• KP-30 microUSB Cable

• CS-151 Carrying Case

• CR-21 Docking Station

• Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) License (Dictation Module)

Available Accessories

• LI-92B Li-ion battery
• LI-41C Charger for LI-92B
• A514 USB connector / AC adapter
• A51 5V AC adapter
• AS-7000 PC transcription kit with RS31 footswitch 




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1-Year Mail In Parts/Labor

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  • 5
    Work Essential!

    Posted by Doug Malone on Sep 19th 2023

    I use this recorder for my work as a legal transcriptionist. The built-in WiFi is a lifesaver because it lets me quickly send my audio files for transcription without any hassle. The audio quality is great as well. It captures every detail, even in noisy environments. Plus, it's super user-friendly. I can easily navigate through recordings and make quick edits. Battery life is impressive too. It lasts through my long workdays without a hitch. And the device itself feels durable, which is crucial for something I use daily.

  • 5
    Efficient and Crystal Clear

    Posted by Wilton Howard on Aug 16th 2023

    If you're looking for a top-notch dictation solution, this dictation recorder is worth every penny. It is very reliable and is very helpful with my workflow. The audio quality is crystal clear, capturing every detail of my dictations.

  • 5
    Worth every penny

    Posted by Elinor Bruce on Mar 25th 2023

    This dictation recorder is a fantastic device. It's easy to use, reliable, and records with amazing clarity. I've been using it for a few months now and have had no issues at all. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an efficient dictation recorder!

  • 5

    Posted by Cruz Andrew on Jan 26th 2023

    I've been using it for a couple of months now, and it's been great. I've been recording one to two hours per day, and I've had no issues with anything. The sound quality has been great, and the volume is just fine.

  • 5
    Works really great

    Posted by Monica Gail on Sep 24th 2022

    The features are great and the price was great. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality digital dictation recorder.