Push-To-Talk USB Gooseneck Microphone for use with Motorola WAVE OnCloud

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Looking for a reliable and high-quality microphone to use with your Motorola Wave OnCloud communication system? Look no further than our Push-to-Talk USB Gooseneck Microphone. This microphone features a durable and flexible gooseneck design, allowing you to position it exactly where you need it. It also includes a built-in push-to-talk button for convenient and easy communication. With its plug-and-play USB connection, the microphone is easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for anyone who needs clear and reliable communication.


Designed with your needs in mind, this top-of-the-line microphone is easy to use, durable, and delivers exceptional sound quality every time. Its sleek design and flexible gooseneck make it easy to adjust to any position, while the intuitive push-to-talk button allows you to communicate with just a single press.

This microphone is perfect for those who demand clear and reliable audio communication. It features a durable gooseneck design that can be easily adjusted to your preferred position, allowing you to communicate without any hassle. The Push-to-Talk button makes it easy to control your audio communication, ensuring that you are always heard loud and clear.

Designed specifically for use with Motorola Wave OnCloud, this microphone is easy to set up and use, and it delivers exceptional audio quality that you can rely on.

Our ECS Push-To-Talk USB microphone is compatible with Motorola Wave OnCloud software emulating keystroke(s), mouse click(s) or game port button(s).  To date we have seen three preferred programable  options requested by our customers.   Under “Push-To-Talk” emulation to the right of images please choose which option you require.   If neither of those three options work for you we can customize a solution to fit your needs.  You will need to choose your required emulation for custom programming.

When you hold the Push-To-Talk button down on microphone base you can transmit, when you release button transmitting will stop.

  • Uni-directional microphone blocking out unwanted noises
  • Fully 19" adjustable gooseneck microphone
  • Push-To-Talk switch
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • 5 mm of thick metal tubing to provide unmatched flexibility and durability
  • Green LED = On indicator
  • Red LED = Active microphone indicator when depressed
  • (2) Included sponges for wind shield to reduce background noise and improve sound quality by preventing unwanted or disturbing noises such as breath
  • Anti-slip Rubber pad ensures base remains firmly on desk

The ECS-MWPTT-MIC-USB conference microphone has a built-in state of the art microphone element eliminating interference caused by on-board chip sets that are often placed close to noisy electrical circuitry and can negatively affect communications.  

We also have an option of adding a single foot pedal that will plug into the same computer that our Motorola Wave OnCloud microphone is plugged into to also allow for foot pedal push to talk functionality.


Noise-canceling technology for noisy environments

Unidirectional microphone technology creates narrow directional that focuses on the voice in front of the microphone and suppresses unwanted noise from the sides and back.

Fully adjustable cardioid gooseneck microphone

19 inches adjustable neck and noise cancelling microphone with steel head piece.

Built-in state of the art microphone element

built-in state of the art microphone element eliminating electromagnetic hum and RF interference caused by on-board chip sets that are often placed close to noisy electrical circuitry and can negatively affect communications.

Windshield reduces unwanted background noise

The included wind shield reduces background noise and improves sound quality by preventing unwanted and disturbing noise such as breath and wind vibrations.

Anti-slip Rubber pad ensures base remains firmly on desk

State of the art Anti-slip rubber pad that ensures the base Remains Firmly on Desk.


  • Directional Characteristics: Unidirectional Cardioid
  • Polar Pattern: Heart Style
  • Element: Electret condenser
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 16KHz 
  • Output Impedance: 600-Ohm + 30%
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: -40dB +/- 2dB (0 dB = 1 VPa at 1KHz)
  • Sn/Ratio: 65db
  • Base Dimensions (H X D X W):129 x 89 x 36 mm /5.0 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches
  • Gooseneck Microphone Dimensions: 482.6 mm / 19 inches 
  • Base Connector: USB B Female
  • Cable: USB A Male to USB B Male

ECS-MWPTT-MIC-USB Package Contents: 

  • Gooseneck microphone
  • Microphone base
  • USB cord
  • Two wind screen sponge

1-year Mail In Parts/Labor

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  • 5
    Sturdy and High-Quality Mic

    Posted by Hugo Mercado on Sep 20th 2023

    The microphone has a satisfying, sturdy weight to it, making it unlikely to slip off the desk or topple over easily. You can detach the microphone from its base for convenient storage, and it includes a foam rubber muff. Adjusting the microphone is effortless, and it maintains its position without any hassle. The base features a soft-touch mute button that changes colors when muted. The hardware quality is superb, delivering excellent sound quality with the perfect boom length for extended teleconferences. The microphone's directional nature minimizes sensitivity to background noise and feedback, making it a highly recommended choice.

  • 4
    USB Mic with PTT

    Posted by JJV on Apr 18th 2023

    It works very well with our system. The only concern we have is with the size of the PTT button. It is so tiny. It works, however, if the size of the button is slightly bigger than the current size, it would be great.

  • 5
    Perfect for Wave OnCloud

    Posted by James Cook on Jan 21st 2023

    We upgraded our dispatch center to use these microphones and it has been an amazing asset. It's great for my team to be able to not be tabbed into Wave and still be able to press a button to communicate easily and look at other important information on screen. Tom was great in helping us out and I'd highly recommend working with him if you're in need of a dispatch overhaul, they really know what they're talking about.

  • 5
    Great Quality!

    Posted by Clair Davis on Sep 7th 2022

    I was looking for a good microphone. I wanted something that was easy to use and would work well with Motorola Wave OnCloud. I was really impressed with the sound quality of the ECS-WSGM-USB. It does the job of a mic really well and the sound quality is very good. It is easy to use and I don't have to worry about accidentally using the wrong button. It is very easy to setup and use; I really had no problems with it. I would recommend this mic for anyone who is looking for a good quality USB microphone.