SONY BM-845D Micro Cassette Dictator

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  • Also Known As
    BM-845, BM845
  • 2-Speed Operation
    For maximum dictating versatility
  • Microcassette System
    Uses easy to obtain micro cassettes for recording and playback convenience
  • LCD Display
    3-digit LCD tape counter provides a highly visible display for location of dictation
  • Built-In Playback Speaker
    Atop the unit is useful when one or more persons wishes to listen to the recording, without the need to wear earphones
  • Built-In Erase on Rewind
    May be activated to automatically erase recordings while rewinding the cassette
  • Cassette Window
    Enables user to view tape movement
  • Telephone Record Capability
  • End of Tape Alarm
  • SONYMATIC Gain Control
    Ensures that proper recording levels are maintained automatically
  • Slide Switch Microphone
    Makes it easy to dictate

  • Recording System
    4 Track, 2 Channel
  • Tape Speed
    2.4 or 1.2cm/sec
  • Fast Winding Time
    Approx 1 min 50sec with MC-60BM Cassette at 2.4cm/sec
  • Frequency Response
    200 - 6,00OHz (2.4cm/sec), 200 - 4,OOOHZ (1.2cm/sec)
  • Speaker
    2 1/4 (5.7cm) Di.
  • Power Output
    35OmW (at 10% Harmonic Distortion)
  • Power Requirements
    9V with AC-980 Adaptor Supplied
  • Current Drain
    Approx l4OmA
  • Dimensions (WHD)
    7 7/8 x 2 7/8 x 9 3/4, (200 x 70.5 x 245mm)
  • Weight
    2 lb 11 oz (1.2kg)
    Supplied Accessories
  • 9V AC Adapter
  • HU-80 Microphone

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