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PH-PCL1000-Voice recorder


Record like a pro

SpeechLive offers professional recording features that help you turn your voice into text with ease.


Professional recorder

Perform professional recording and editing functions, such as insert, overwrite, append and cut recording sequences.



Automatic routing

Automatically forward your dictations  to the correct typist, saving time in your workflow.


Organize and store dictations

Store all your dictations in one place. Easily find previous recordings and listen or process them again.






Real-time job status

Track the status of your dictations at any time.





Use a priority setting to assist “bumping up” urgent recordings in the queue.


Security guaranteed

File encryption and automatic backups ensure that your data is secure and no sensitive information is ever lost.





Be productive on the go

The SpeechLive app is part of each subscription. Record, edit and send dictation files directly from your smartphone or Apple Watch and reduce document turnaround times.




Philips SpeechLive Dictation App for Android Installation Guide                      Philips SpeechLive Dictation App for iOS devices Installation Guide


How to install the SpeechLive Upload Client                                                         How to automatically upload dictations to SpeechLive with the Desktop app


How to automatically upload dictations to SpeechLive with the Desktop app   How to install Philips Device Connector PDC


Front End Speech to Text in the SpeechLive App 1⧸5                                         Back End Speech to Text speech recognition engine in the SpeechLive App 2⧸5


Send to Speech Recognition via the Browser 3⧸5                                                 Front End Speech to Text in the Browser 4⧸5


How to Speech to Text via the SpeechLive Desktop App 5⧸5                              How to How to customize columns, sort, filter and use quick filters in SpeechLive


Use SpeechLive as typist                                                                                           Philips SpeechLive: How does it work?



Get the Philips SpeechLive app 

The Philips SpeechLive is available for Mobile App Android and iOS.

philips-speechlive-cloud-dictation-solution-pcl1000-google.png          philips-speechlive-cloud-dictation-solution-pcl1000-apple.png


Get the Philips SpeechLive Desktop app 

download-symbol.png Download the SpeechLive Desktop App on your computer.


SpeechLive Mobile app PDF

SpeechLive Desktop app PDF


Connecting SpeechExec with SpeechLive

Using a SpeechExec Pro subscription

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