Here at Executive Communication Systems, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality transcription/dictation equipment that will satisfy our customers' needs and improve their work experience. Our ample selection of overhead, under-chin and in-ear headsets and earbuds for transcription purposes are sure to improve your transcription workflow efficiency and effectiveness. If you’ve been searching for transcription equipment that will take your transcribing flow to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our dictation and transcription headsets and be sure to shop for yours today.



Rather than placing a headset over your head, these under the chin headsets work well for you during your transcribing process. Our selection of under-chin transcription headsets will improve your workflow without sacrificing the quality of your audio.



Overhead transcription headsets are optimal pieces of transcription equipment that not only filter out the background noise from your work environment, but they give your ears a little extra padding, fitting comfortably over your head as your transcribe. The following overhead headsets are available at ECS and are sure to enhance your transcription performance.

  • WordSlinger Deluxe Overhead USB Transcription Headset

    Bid farewell to the distracting background noise and audio distortion that often comes with audio transcription. This state-of-the-art transcription headset excels when working with distorted, low audio dictations, and is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac. The USB plug connects quickly without required drivers, and it’s adjustable with ½ inches of foam padding on the headband and ear pads. With the WordSlinger Deluxe Overhead USB Transcription Headset strapped over your head and ears, you’ll experience better volume and increased work efficiency. Shop today!

  • WordSlinger 3.5mm Mono/Stereo Overhead Headset

    With this overhead transcription headset, you are opting for high quality and high clarity audio quality. Working on all 3.5mm mono transcribers and stereo computer jacks, this particular headset features a twin speaker and built-in volume control. Add this headset to your transcription equipment and see a noticeable impact on your transcription efficiency. Shop today!

  • WordSlinger Mono/Stereo Overhead Headset For Use With Dictaphone

    Featuring a DAP two prong adapter, this overhead headset comes with a twin speaker and 10-foot cord for movement flexibility. Not only that, but this headset works on all 3.5mm mono transcribers and 3.5mm stereo computer jacks. With a focus on the technology behind audio transcription, purchasing this overhead headset will improve your workflow. Shop yours today.



Smaller and easier to transport, in-ear headsets are an effective option for improved transcription equipment. Designed with quality audio in mind, your days of unintelligible dictations are over. Our earbud transcription headset options will take your workflow to the next level.