Apptec DigiAlert File Status Alert Utility Software

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Apptec DigiAlert File Status Alert Utility Software - New


DigiAlert sends Emails and/or Text Messages in response to file status updates reported by DigiTel, FtpMagic, or DigiScribe.
It announces the availability of a new dictation to a transcriptionist and/or to a supervisor when used with DigiTel and/or FtpMagic. And it announces the availability of new typed work to a client when used with FtpMagic.
DigiAlert saves everyone time by letting them know the instant work is available, instead of needing to keep checking to see if work is available. And with the Priority Alert mode, it’s a great way to just be informed when Priority work is available.
In DigiTel file status updates can be announced for each user’s dictations, or just for each user’s Priority dictations, or by the Worktype of each dictation.
In FtpMagic file status updates can be announced for each dictation sent to a particular FTP folder, or just for Priority dictations sent to that FTP folder.
In DigiScribe file status updates can be announced each time a dictation file is downloaded from an FTP folder, or being transcribed, or skipped, saved or completed.
Default data including the File Number, Reference Number and User Name is automatically placed in the Subject field of the email. The Subject field in the Email Alerts menu of DigiTel, FtpMagic, or DigiScribe also lets you add a prefix to this data.
DigiAlert also offers WatchDog. Beside DigiAlert being able to alert your transcriptionists to the availability of new dictation or to send the author a dictation receipt, it can now also watch your DigiTel Call-In Dictation System around-the-clock to give you peace-of-mind. If DigiAlert senses that a PC glitch has taken your DigiTel offline, it will automatically restart DigiTel and reboot the PC if necessary.


System Requirements:

  • Interface: Internet access and Email Provider
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB minimum. (for DigiAlert program)

DigiAlert version 24.00.00 is compatible with all versions of Windows, such as:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista