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Dictaphone  ExpressWriter 2752 Standard Cassette Transcriber 


The Dictaphone 2750 Standard cassette desktop is designed for professional-quality dictation and transcription, adjustable automatic backspace with built-in speaker and tape counter. All major dictation functions can be controlled with one hand. It offers efficient dictation and transcription, thanks to the visual time line or digital display. Your recordings can be identified and located easily based on their priority and length. You will receive our new 90 day parts/labor warranty with this machine. when you used this unit with transcription accessories is Also known as 2752.

Dictaphone ExpressWriter 2750 Standard Cassette Dictator/Transcriber incorporates a number of user-selectable options to help you optimize your efficiency during dictation/transcription operations such as:

  • Display Type
  • Cue Type
  • Scan Auto-Play
  • Foot Control
  • Cassette Type
  • Language Options
  • Alert Tones
  • Cue Tones
  • Monkey Chatter
  • Cursor Blinking
  • Hands Free via Foot Control Dictate
  • Auto-On
  • Last-Word-Locator
  • Alert/Warning Tones


Dictaphone 2752 Features:

Display Type

  • Select either Timeline or Digital.

Cue Type

  • Select either Priority or Instruction mode tones.

Scan Auto-Play

  • Select either On or Off Automatically playback a priority letter or Instruction.

Foot Control

  • Type Select either Momentary or Continues Play.

Cassette Type

  • Defines the cassette size being used.

Language Options

  • English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Alert Tones

  • Choose either Audible tones or Silent.

Cue Tones

  • Choose either Audible or Silent dictation cue tones.

Monkey Chatter

  • Choose either Audible or Silent during fast forwarding or rewinding.

Cursor Blinking

  • Choose Yes or No on the time line display option.

Foot Control Dictate

  • Choose Yes or No for using the foot control to activate dictation.


  • Choose Yes or No for having the recorder automatically turn on after any key is pressed.


  • Lets you go back to review information that you recorded earlier in a document, then resume recording at the exact spot where you left off dictating.

Alert/Warning Tones

  • Play when an End-of-Letter, Priority or Instruction cue is encountered, End-of-tape is reached, Tape is broken, No cassette is loaded and an operation is selected, The End Zone is reached in Record mode, The Last Word Locator is reached in Fast Forward or Play modes, an entry error is detected (a task is attempted which is not permitted at that time). 


  • Small foot print professional desktop dictation/transcription system. Dual-speed for double the capacity or optimum fidelity.

Dictaphone 2752 Standard Cassette Transcriber Includes:
Foot Pedal, Headset, Power Supply, Manual and 90 day parts/labor warranty.

90 Day Mail In Parts/Labor

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