Dictaphone 1752 Mini Cassette Transcriber - Demo

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Demo Dictaphone 1752 Mini Cassette Transcriber.

Dictaphone Deluxe 1750 1752 Desktop dictation system offers advanced features, including an enhanced “display window” that provides detailed information on cassette contents either during recording, or when scanning a cassette for transcription review. This large display (exclusive to the “Plus” system) allows you to select either a graphic representation of cassette contents, or a alpha/number indicator.


  • Priority and Letter Cue controls let you indicate the beginning and end of dictation and documents for special handling.
  • The Display Window then visually indicates (to you or your secretary) the contents of a cassette. The display shows the location of each recorded letter and priority and the length of each item, as well as the total number of recorded items on the tape and total length.
  • Hands-free voice activated recording lets you reference materials while recording.
  • Conference and telephone recording are perfect for capturing important information while meeting in the office, or while talking on the phone.
  • Last-word-locator lets you go back to review information that you recorded earlier in a document, then resume recording at the exact spot where you left off dictating.
  • Compact desktop design
  • Adjustable automatic backspace
  • Built-in speaker
  • Tape Counter
  • Speed control
  • Tone and volume controls


foot pedal, headset, power supply and manual.


60 Day Mail In Parts/Labor

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