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Let’s break down exactly what is included in our offerings…. 
Get the most out of your Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 speech recognition software with our customization, integration and workflow optimization services!

With Support Me You can call, email, or chat with us Monday through Friday 9:30 - 6:30 PM ET!



Annual support agreement with knowledge-base access.

Don’t get wrapped up in hours of troubleshooting. Instead, sign up for a full year of dictation, transcription, and speech recognition support with us. Since our technicians handle these types of issues regularly, we can resolve them efficiently and get you back up and running. Technical problems don’t have to be big obstacles. With Support Me, you get access to a year of professional support—via email, chat, or phone—to address any errors, failures, or other breakdowns.



Customization is - maximizing Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 settings to make the software work at top performance. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 comes with many different plugins that allow it to work in wide array of software and we help you select the ones you need.



Integration is - how the software is setup for your practice. Did you know that configuring Dragon® Medical software to work with a 1 PC practice is completely different then a multi PC practice? Or that you can setup a single profile that can be used on any PC on your network? We can show you how to integrate the software to fit your practice.



Training is - sessions performed remotely using Desktop Streaming Software. This method of training reduces costs associated with travel and makes scheduling more convenient. All training sessions will be scheduled around what’s convenient for you.

Workflow Optimization


Workflow optimization - is reviewing how you complete your documentation and show you ways to increase the speed and effectiveness of using speech recognition. For example, we can show you how to create advanced templates and macros; not to mention how to get the most out of your custom vocabulary.

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