TRX-50 Audible Telephone Record Adaptor, 3.5 mm

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TRX-50 Audible Telephone Record Adaptor, 3.5 mm - New

The TRX-50 is a compact light-weight adapter that interfaces with any single or multi lined modular telephone and either a tape recorder, transcribing machine or PC. It's the perfect tool for recording both sides of a telephone conversation. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the TRX-50 features a modular receiver plug at one end and a coiled connector cord at the other end. The unit easily connects between your phone base and the hand-set. And there's no need for hardwiring a telephone adapter. Simply disconnect your hand set and plug in the TRX-50 coiled connector cord. Then take the handset cord that is connected to your phone base and plug it into your TRX-50 modular receiver plug.

The TRX-50 Audible Alert system gives you the added benefit of a distinct, recognizable signal. It quickly identifies your recorded telephone conversations with a clear audible Beep sound that you can also turn off, if desired.

This bantam sized black box is simple in its appearance but packed with performance. The TRX-50 with its 3 foot cord will easily connect to your telephone hand set with a modular coiled connector cord and to the base of your digital or analog telephone with the existing handset cord.

TRX50 Adapter includes:

  • 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm plug adapter
  • Power supply

90-Day Mail In Parts/Labor

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