Enhancing The Spoken Word

Headsets, Microphones, Foot Pedals... oh my!

Deluxe headsets, premium microphones and heavy duty foot pedals for all your court reporting needs.

Most Popular Headsets

Increase volume and clarity between 200% - 400% with problematic recordings
External premium sound card built into headset
Designed to match frequency of spoken word

Most Popular Headset Amplifiers

Improve 3.5 headset audio up to 400%
8 to 12 hours wireless battery life

Most Popular Computer Foot Pedals

Specially programmed to match Court Reporting Software Programs

Most Popular Conference Microphones

Daisy Chain up to 7 microphones for larger areas

Most Popular Tie Clip Microphones with Tripod

Compatible with any 3.5 jack on stenography machines, digital recorders and smart phones

Most Popular Gooseneck Microphones

Adjustable microphones

Most Popular Conference Microphones