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Equature - NG911 Communication Recording Guaranteed!


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Dispatch Recording Objectives:
NG911: Voice, email, chat, http, text messaging, and video
communications capture
Embedded Advanced Speech Engine for voice analytics
Quality Assessment Engine enabling performance and
productivity improvement
Validate dispatcher interactions with our Advanced Screen
Intelligence Engine
Dispatch system integrations improving activity and data flow
NG911: Telematics (OnStar and ATX Vehicular Emergency
Data Set) integration
Advanced monitoring of all communications within the Enterprise
Equature® Emergency Services Differentiators YES
Browser Based Unlimited Search and Retrieval checkmark
One version of playback software checkmark
Speech Analytics for 100% Content Search of Spoken Word/Phrase checkmark
File storage to NAS/SAN without licenses checkmark
360 degree view of all communications checkmark
Bundled simple licenses for Email, Voice Chat, Dispatch Assessment & Screen Capture checkmark
Dispatch Assessment, Playback and Screen Playback in one version of software checkmark
Dispatch Assessment, Playback and Screen Playback from a web browser checkmark
Support of Internet Explorer and Firefox checkmark
One Quality system to assess Voice, Email Chat and Screen activity of the Dispatcher's checkmark
Instant Recall with auto-refresh / Scenario Reconstruction / Continuous Replay all
standard with no additional licensing & one software version
Non-Proprietary system - MS-SQL database, WAV file storage, XML email.chat storage,
XML Volume replication/redundancy
Built for Next Generation 911 anywhere Technology capture checkmark
Option for customer provided hardware checkmark
Service Based Architecture with Service Watchers for redundancy and system uptime checkmark

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